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Awesome – got my first article off to Virginia and Susan 30 seconds after that session ended. Probably means there are sixty issues they have to fix. But that’s life because I had to immediately run next door for my next session! This one could go really well or really bad, because there’s just one speaker, and while it’s Lee Odden, I’ve not yet heard him at a conference, so if he’s a RAPID-FIRE speaker like Shari just was, I’m screwed… Introduction by: Heather Lloyd-Martin , CEO, SuccessWorks Solo presentation by: Lee Odden , SES Advisory Board & CEO, TopRank Online Marketing And here we go! Heather says Lee Odden is definitely the master when it comes to content marketing… Lee’s up! {insert company promo pitch here} yeah, I like to do that, because you can click on his link and learn for yourselves… We Are Content Marketers Lee wants to share things he’s learned first hand.

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Content Marketing Optimization — SES San Francisco

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